Connie Davis Eichhorn

Honored by:Barb and Les Licklider
Brick location:B:17  map

Connie my big sister, how do you do it? You have been to me a "wonder person" your whole life. I always tried to live up to your standards but I couldn't quite do it. Even now as you raise your beautiful family work millions of hours a week at your administrative position and finish your dissertation for your Ph.D. you make me tired just listening to you.

Did you know you were my second teacher right after Mom? Did you know I always looked up to you and was proud of you even if I didn't often show it? We may have had our sibling rivalries when we were growing up but you always looked out for me. It was you who cried when I broke my collarbone and couldn't play basketball in high school. You were the one who helped me get a job and learn the ropes at college. And you were the one who was ready to take on the system when I was so deeply hurt when it looked like I would be denied a professorship at our beloved Iowa State University. And now I am still proud of you. Your accomplish- ments are truly amazing. You are an outstanding teacher and administrator with the Omaha Public Schools. How many awards for outstanding accomplishments have you received?

You and your husband Kyle both ISU graduates have two children to be proud of. And soon I can call you Dr. Eichhorn!! Congratulations to you. I love you my big sister and am proud to have you honored among outstanding women at the Carrie Chapman Catt memorial. -Your sister Barb