Connie Marie (Stone) Hayes

Honored by:Lucinda Stone
Brick location:D:13  map

I am honoring my sister who is (14) fourteen years older than I. She is not just my sister she is my best friend. She is someone who not only is there to celebrate the good times but to help me through the bad. Some would say that’s what family is for but you would have to understand why this woman is different. I am the youngest of four children. I was the only one planned by my parents. I am the first child of our entire family who has successfully gone to college and received a degree.

My sister is the oldest of the four children. She could have easily ignored me and had given me no support especially being married and out of the house when I was only four but she stayed very active in my life. She was always pushing me to do better. When I would mess up granted she was the first to laugh and say "I told you so" but she was always the first to help pick me up brush me off and say "OK You try again but try it a different way". Now after raising her son helping her husband start a business then lose it and have to start again she has begun the steps towards her own career. She sometimes calls me up and asks for my support and advice now. I am more than happy to help her for all I know I learned from her.