Cornelia S. Day

Honored by:Robert Day
Brick location:C:11  map

VOLUNTEER: Member of the board Washington House. Serving as secretary · Member of the council Planned Parenthood Washington county · Member of the United Presbyterian Church choir · Annual fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and YWCA and Day Care · Member of YWCA · Member of Ecumenical Peace Luncheon Committee · Trying to launch program to help Hispanics and Blacks living in Washington and the residents of Washington live comfortably together.

YWCA: Joined the Girl Reserves in high school (now known as Y Teens) · Member of University of Iowa Student YWCA · Member of Washington unit of Iowa District YWCA-later known as Iowa Town and Country YWCA · Former president of Washington YWCA; former vice president membership chm program chm. World Mutual Service chm. sponsor of employed girls club for 13 years sponsor of club for employed men and women organizer of two day camps sponsor for softball and basketball teams took first camp group to Lake Darling Youth Center delegate to regional conferences and after being elected to (and before election to) attended many National YWCA conferences and conventions chaired a two-session disarmament conference co-chairman of International Year of the Child speakers' bureau. · Served as president of the Iowa Town and Country YWCA; helped transfer the organization from a staffed association to a volunteer association by serving as president during that period later served as national volunteer working with the volunteer T and C Association. · Served on the National Board of the YWCA for nine years; active in YWCA's effort to eliminate institutional racism wherever it exists; served on committee for the Milwaukee Wisc. Elimination of Racism in Communications Workshop; served on World Relations committee financial development communications andother committees of the national board; served on special committees at the national conventions i.e. resolutions rules etc. Addressed meeting of first time delegates at one national convention; After term ended on National Board became a national volunteer and accepted assignment in the mid-states region as a speaker and association reviewer. · Participated in the World YWCA meeting in 1972 in Accra, Ghana as accredited visitor.

UNICEF: As Lincoln School PTA President started first UNICEF Trick or Treat program in Washington. · Became State Representative for U.S. Committee for UNICEF and served five years; started programs all over Iowa; the sum rose to over $100000 in Iowa. · Attended UNICEF leaming conferences and at own expense witnessed UNICEF programs in action in Guatemala Ecuador and Indonesia · Became a member of the US Committee for UNICEF Corporate Board; accepted invitation from the executive board to attend with Robert a trip to China to learn of programs for children in China. · Wrote articles about UNICEF its programs and its people to help educate citizens of her community as to what projects they were supporting when giving money to UNICEF. The articles appeared in the Washington Evening Journal over a long period of years. · Governor's Commission on Children and Youth: · Served under three governors: Hughes Erbe and Ray. · Named a delegate by the Commission to the White House Conference on Children and Youth 1960. Great Rivers Region Tourism Council: · Appointed by the Washington County Board of Supervisors to represent the county on the council. · Served as treasurer; completed a slide show of the 15-county area. Iowa Health Systems Agency: · Sub-area five-first elected to an at-large consumer post then appointed to the subarea council representing the appointing agency the county Board of Supervisors. · Served on sub-area project review committee and as vice-chairman of the Plan · Implementation committee; later elected to state board of the Iowa Health Systems Agency. Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa: · Served on the S.E. Iowa council for many years and in many capacities including vice president and president. Served the council as delegate to several regional conferences and national conventions. Spoke at the convention in Atlanta, Georgia. · The Washington Council of Planned Parenthood used to be independent and was formed by request of women in poverty in the county who were asked in a survey by the Community Action Program as to what they wanted to see in the county to help them. family planning was requested. Two other county chapter's staff helped start the program in our county. Later they joined together and added more counties to achieve the same administrative staff and nurse practioners needed to carry on the program. Comie has served as fund raiser ever since program the beginning.