Dale Jean Stiles Barmore

Honored by:Karen Stiles and Larry D. Murphy
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With love and respect, Karen Stiles and Larry D. Murphy honor Dale Jean Stiles Barmore

Dale Jean Stiles Barmore was born June 23, 1953 in Sioux City, Iowa to Lois J. and E. Eugene Stiles. She graduated with a major in art from Iowa State University (ISU) College of Science and Humanities in 1975. That same year she married Paul Barmore, son of Hazel and Mike Barmore of Eagle Grove, and a 1973 ISU Science and Humanities graduate.

As a result of upward career transfers for Paul, the family has lived in Minnesota, Georgia, Iowa, and Illinois. Wherever they have moved, Dale has always become actively involved in the local church, education, and music programs, and has always found creative outlets for her energy, enthusiasm, and artistic talents. Dale is being lovingly honored as a sister, daughter, and devoted wife and mother. She and her husband have raised three of the finest children we have ever encountered. Those children include: Laurel Ann (11-14-1977); Thomas Paul (3-18-1980); and Daniel James (7-19-1986).