Deborah Jean Moses

Honored by:George G. Brown
Brick location:A:27  map

Deborah Jean Moses is very dedicated to her parents and siblings, her immediate family, her numerous relatives and friends, her community in the surrounding area of Huxley, and her clients in her occupational role as a financial advisor and an investment representative. She carries the same values of trust, loyalty, dedication, and concern whether she is dealing with her family, with her friends, or in a work situation with an elderly person trying to survive on a meager income. Deb has savvy for dealing with people and has excellent rapport with individuals from many different walks of life. She has a knack for establishing a lasting trust with her colleagues, clients, and friends.

Deb was born in 1956 and raised on a farm near Anamosa, Iowa in a family of seven sisters. Her parents were Rollie and Lillian Shover. She was the first-born of triplet sisters, Denise and Dianne also has four older sisters, Shirley, Connie, Cathy, and Marilyn. Deb’s childhood prepared her well for her role in life. The trust and empathy learned between the sisters and the responsibilities they shared in farm life were important steps in helping Deb develop her strong will and the determination to do right. Also, her abilities not to bend under pressure from antagonists and to prevent others from taking advantage of her friends and clients were learned in this early environment.

Deb married Brad Moses in 1975, has two sons, Brad and Brian, and has lived in the Huxley area since 1975. Deb began her post-secondary education at Kirkwood Community College and graduated from Upper Iowa University. Deb’s various career challenges and her high moral and ethical standards have prepared her well for her current position as an investment representative with Edward Jones.

In her community, Deb has volunteered as vice-president and president of the annual Prairie Festival, been active in the parent organization of the Ballard school system, and teaches Sunday school in her church. She is also involved in the Ballard Dollar for Scholars program.

Deb plays the piano, organ, and accordion, and has unselfishly used her talents to contribute to the services of her church and to entertain elderly folks weekly at the Ballard Creek Community Center. These folks relish her unselfish contributions and bubble with delight when she makes her presence. She knows them by name and chats with as many as possible. Deb also plays the piano and sings in the High Society Big Band, an organization in which she is the treasurer and has served as the president. She contributes significantly to this organization through her musical talent and financial expertise. Deb also enjoys reading, candle making, gardening, and sewing.

Whether her clients have a small amount of money or a large portfolio, Deb approaches each personal situation with the same amount of respect and loyalty. Deb organizes well and spends her time efficiently, but with all her contributions and volunteering she still spends considerable time in the evening and weekend to meet with clients who need assistance. In every case, she treats each individual as if they were the most important person on the earth.

As a proud donor of the brick in the Plaza of Heroines honoring Deborah Jean Moses, I am indebted to her as my investment representative and as my friend. Deb was concerned about my welfare and the proper handling of the retirement funds I had worked so many years to obtain. Deb patiently worked with my wife and me and with various financial organizations to make sure that we had the plans suitable for our purposes, including a trust for our children and grandchildren, long-term care, home mortgage, and a flexible portfolio. Her care and concern for our welfare was evident during this period and has continued in the same fashion since that time. I unequivocally feel that Deb is conscientious and works hard for us because that is her nature.

I am very fortunate to have Deb working for me as a financial advisor. I am also fortunate to know Deb as a friend. She is an excellent conversationist and over the last few years I have enjoyed her witty humor and positive attitude. We also have a common interest in music and have played performances and recitals together. Her enthusiasm for music and for entertaining her audience is contagious. Deb is a fun person with a warm smile and this positively affects those around her. Deb can also be very feisty and will ardently attack her adversary or stubbornly defend herself when the occasion occurs. I am and I hope to survive as a good friend of this outstanding woman.

Submitted on 5/29/01