Dolly Gitelman Basuk

Honored by:Jerry Fleming, Jon Fleming, Jim Fleming, Howie Basuk, Barbara Heeger Adam
Brick location:PAVER:53  map

Born 5/5/1932 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Died 6/26/1998 in Charles City, Iowa

Dolly Gitelman Basuk was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Hy and Anne Gitelman. She graduated from North High School and attended the University of Minnesota. Her professional career included positions at the Quinlan Department Store and her father's business, Hy's Men Store.

On January 19, 1957 she married Namon Basuk and moved to Charles City, Iowa. They became the parents of two sons, Howie and Barry. Although she was involved with numerous community and philanthropic activities, she devoted her life to her immediate and extended family. She was involved with her sons' school and social activities, and was very proud of Howie's Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nevada - Las Vegas and his subsequent business ventures in metal recycling in Phoenix. She was intensely dedicated to her husband, being supportive of him during a serious illness at mid-age, and to Barry, who died at the age of 17 from leukemia.

Dolly's volunteerism was deservedly recognized when she was named Charles City "Woman of the Year" in 1977. In all her efforts - work, family, and philanthropy - Dolly will always be remembered as a "first-class" lady.

She died at the age of 66 after a lengthy illness.


Paver is located in the top left area of the plaza.
Paver Inscription:

"Dolly Gitelman Basuk"