Donna Suchsland

Honored by:Tyler and Nicole Suchsland
Brick location:O:2  map

The Carrie Chapman Catt Center honors incredible women who have made an impact on numerous lives. Knowing this, Donna Suchsland deserves to be recognized and engraved in this brick for decades to come.

It is amazing the feats she has accomplished thus far: a successful and exemplary professional, caring wife to Kevin Suchsland, and loving mother to two children. Tyler and Nicole Suchsland would like to dedicate this brick to one of the most inspiring and determined woman they know: their mom.

As the two of us are transitioning into our adult lives, we cannot begin to fathom how she did it. How Donna managed a full-time career yet still made it to football games, tennis matches, and every major (and minor) school ceremony. It is a feat we will strive to accomplish in our own future and for our own children.

This brick is not only to commemorate and celebrate her life thus far, but to mark a time in all four of our lives of great change. What matters most though, is that like this permanent symbol carved in stone, Donna will always have a permanent place in her children’s lives.

Submitted 4/4/2016