Doris Burditt

Honored by:Ken Burditt
Brick location:G:8  map

(1926-1995) Doris Burditt was the daughter of Swedish immigrants Ivan and Martha Carlson. She was born with a compassionate heart a sense of humor and an adventurous spirit. She chose to marry raise a family and live her life within ten miles of the house in which she was born. Yet she touched the lives of everyone she met from coast-to-coast and across the ocean. When Doris was barely two years old her mother died. From this loss Doris became a better wife and a better mother. Her family would not feel the void in their lives that she had experienced. Doris was everyone's best friend a responsibility which she accepted without complaint and performed with love and compassion. Seeing her name within this "Plaza of Heroines" would embarrass and puzzle Doris. She would say she was not brave or that she made no impact on the world. She set no records and made no discoveries. But the test of courage is not in the recognition gained it is in the recognition sacrificed. It is giving strength when not strong. It is living a life so full of love that it inspires others to be brave to set records and to make discoveries that have impact. Doris Burditt may not understand why she is in this plaza but she would be proud that she is here because of the loving memory of her family and her friends. 7/1/96