Dorothy E. Felland

Honored by:Norm Felland
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Dorothy Elaine Allen Felland lived her adult life as a wife, a mother and the anchor of her family as did thousands of other Iowa women of her generation. Each decade from her birth (December 19 1914) until her death (April 6 1993) provided her with the challenges and the joys often shared by her generation--marriage children home and career--each intertwined to make the fabric that became her life and her legacy.

World War II required some disruption as the military relocated her for many months to be with her husband for life Marvin and her two sons David and Norman. But with the final victory and the reinstitution of her personal choices she happily returned to her childhood home of Hardin County, Iowa. From the late 1940's until her death she made her home for her family and for herself in Iowa Falls.

From that comfortable and familiar base she grew and maintained her interests: anniversaries birthdays friends Allen family dinners sons a professional life and rejoiced in the seasons while she nurtured her dreams and completed her goals. She loved it all. Her life does not appear to be remarkable and when compared to those lived by her Iowa generation it was not. But she was--as those who knew her do attest.

To Dorothy life was to be ridden with the joy of freedom embraced with the interest of a new love admonished for any disappointment and believed with the faith of the scriptures. There was always too much to do and only Dorothy could do it. Nearly every family has a hall of fame often easily found in photo albums expanded through stories shared over dinner reaffirmed in namesakes honored reverently in living memories noted by generational mannerisms confirmed through a tear or a smile and testified by a carefully tended grave or announced at Iowa State University by a marker inscribed Dorothy E. Felland. We offer only this momentary Dorothy Felland glimpse to those who shall never know her and this door of recognition to those who did.

We think Dorothy would be pleased to have her name and our testimony among this exceptional company in the Heroines Hall of Fame. To Dorothy E. Felland--a heroine--yes--and to the heroines all. May all that they have been be alive in all that we are. From the Sons of Dorothy E. Felland: Dave and Norm