Edith Weaver Dorazio

Honored by:Kenneth Weaver and Kristina J. Weaver
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EDITH WEAVER DORAZIO, my mother, was the inspiration for my attending Iowa State University and subsequent graduation. Though she never graduated from college, she did recognize the value of an education. Any success in my life is the direct result of the foundation that she built. This small tribute is to one of the classiest mothers of all time.

EDITH WEAVER DORAZIO has been a great example to me. She has endured hard times and sorrow without ever losing her love for life. She has been a symbol of strength for me throughout my life and has instilled in me a great appreciation for family! If I have only half of her strength, I can handle anything life throws my way. I am both proud and honored to call her my Friend as well as my Grandmother.

Words by: Kenneth H. Weaver Son Kristina J. Weaver Granddaughter