Edna G. Wilcox

Honored by:Louise B. Dengler
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I have no idea how many Ames High students learned to love both American and English Literature at the feet of Edna Wilcox. My sister-in-law Mary Ellen says that "Shakespeare and Edna Wilcox are forever linked for me. She was a remarkable teacher." Miss Wilcox certainly enlarged our world - as far back as Beowulf and the Canterbury Tales and up to what was then the present day.

I have no idea what the "G." stands for. The class of '43 tried to find out and failing to discover the real name, nicknamed her 'Gus."

In 1992, Miss Wilcox was named an Honorary Alum of Ames High. The following was printed in the Sumner 1992 issue of the Ames High Alumni Newsletter:
"Edna G. Wilcox began her teaching career at Ames High School in the fall of 1930 and retired in June of 1963. During her thirty-three years at Ames High School, she taught English to approximately four thousand five hundred students. Although she could teach all areas of English and probably did sometime during her careers, she specialized in teaching American Literature to juniors. Edna was a popular homeroom teacher and her homerooms excelled in various homeroom competitions. During her years at Ames High School, Girl Reserves was a very active organization and Edna was its very able sponsor. She was an excellent role model for all students. Edna was involved in the total school program. She chaperoned busses and dances, she attended student activities, and she helped develop school curriculum. Her summer travels some to foreign countries enriched her teaching during the school year. Although most of Edna's career was spent at the old high school, which is the current Ames City Hall, she still lives just a few blocks from the present high school at the Northcrest Retirement Community. She will be ninety-four years of age this summer (1992)."

I am honored to have Miss Wilcox as a friend, for she truly is a great lady!