Edna Mace

Honored by:Her children Dick, Kathy, and Mike
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THINKING ABOUT OUR MOTHER EDNA MACE Mom viewed the job of raising us as a partnership with Dad. They supported one another and provided a stable and loving home. They both provided so much laughter so much to learn. When we were growing up both were always there for us. They still are. Mom did so many important little things: a golden batch of cookies a cheery song a sunny smile always a friendly greeting a helping hand for family neighbors and church a small prayer thinking of others making peace an extra touch Vicks encouragement to try again praise and credit to others and not to herself rarely complaining and feeling guilty when she did promises kept worry for safety faithfulness kindness gentleness forgiveness hope trust loyalty to Dad loyalty to us. And so many interesting things to do: working in the fields garden growing flowers 4-H projects picnics visits to/from Gramma Pearl. Mom had time for us and was intuitive in knowing what we needed. Now that we are grown Mom is a quiet fountain of patience and hope.

In an increasingly complex world she longs for harmony for a simpler time. She says her children are her greatest accomplishment. We prefer to think her greatest accomplishment is the person she is and we her children are who we are because of her. She knows we will contribute to the world with integrity. Her love has made that possible. Our love like a song unsung is felt within our hearts. We love you.

Thanks Mom. -Dick, Kathy, Mike.