Edna V. Miller

Honored by:The Miller Family
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Edna Johnson and Albert Miller were married in 1910 and lived in Iowa all their lives. They were parents of seven children. Our father, Albert Miller, graduated from Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in 1904. Our mother, Edna, was unable to continue her formal education beyond eighth grade but during these elementary years many of her school teachers boarded in her home and helped to instill a love of learning which continued throughout her life. She knew what the real world was about. She knew good from bad and was firm in her convictions. Consequently her children knew that to follow her leadership was a wise course.

Mother loved to memorize Bible passages, poems, songs and hymns, and could sing the song naming all the counties in Iowa.

One son recalled leaving for army induction on May 12, 1942. After saying "Good-bye I'll be back--don't worry etc." as he was walking down the red brick sidewalk, Mother called out from the back door of the old farmhouse "Remember you'll never be lost as long as you have a tongue."

She was the mother of five children before she was allowed to cast a vote. Two children were born after 1922. She was deeply interested in national and state concerns and was an active participant in local issues. When she felt that a new swimming pool was needed in Perry, she enlisted help from a local implement dealer who provided a tractor and new manure spreader. Leading grandchildren and neighborhood tots into the vehicle, they joined the parade carrying a large sign: WE SPREAD NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH PERRY NEEDS A NEW POOL.

We are proud to honor our mother in the Plaza of Heroines. She, along with numerous other courageous women, have given us a heritage which we shall cherish. Note of interest: Among Edna Miller's 32 grandchildren there is a granddaughter who has fulfilled many of the things that Edna could only dream about. She is Sharon Rodine.