Edna Wiser

Honored by:The Philosophy Department
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1923 - Edna Wiser was born and raised in Jefferson, Iowa. After high school graduation, she attended the University of Iowa until 1944, when she married Ruben Bertram. In 1950, she was widowed and returned to Jefferson to work in an insurance company and raise her three children. She married Al Wiser (with whom she was to have two more children) in 1958. In the 1960s she and her family moved to Ames, where she has worked on the ISU campus in Civil Engineering the 4-H Program and most recently as secretary of the Philosophy Department. (They have 12 grandchildren to date). During these Ames years Ms. Wiser and her family have traveled extensively, visiting India and many parts of Europe. On several of the trips to Europe, she and her husband have led groups of students from Ames High School. Many Ames residents also know her from her many performances in plays staged by the Ames Women's Theatre. As secretary of the Philosophy Department, Edna Wiser's knowledge has been instrumental in preserving the equanimity of four department chairs. Her friendly manner has been the Department's welcome to dozens of majors and new faculty members. Her efficiency and calm assurance have been a constant contribution to the good spirits of the faculty and the students of the department.


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Edna Wiser
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