Elda G. Gerdes

Honored by:Jean Hahn
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Elda Geneva (Griffin) Gerdes was born on March 17, 1908, in Aldrich, Missouri. She was the wife of Walter Gerdes, a homemaker and a mother of two daughters, Nancy Bailey and Jean Hahn, both of whom graduated from Iowa State University. In 1967, a year after the death of her husband, she became a housemother, first at the Alpha Chi Rho and then at the Delta Tau Delta fraternities at Iowa State University.

In 1978 she retired so she could spend more time with her grandsons, Andrew and Benjamin Hahn. Presently (1995), her grandson Benjamin is a student at Iowa State University so her ties to Iowa State continues. Because Iowa State University played an important part of her life and because of her contribution to the life of so many young people at Iowa State University, we wanted to honor her memory in this way. Elda Gerdes died on May 11, 1992.