Elise Wright Mull

Honored by:Richard Mull
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Elise Wright Mull was a teacher for 45 years, 39 of them in the Ames Community School District. She taught third grade, Special Education, and her favorite, fifth grade, during those 45 years. She always sought to establish relationships with her students as she understood the importance of being an advocate for each child. She was an encourager to her students and they knew she believed in them. She always set the bar high for them, but she would continually argue it was "only as high as it needed to be so they could reach their own potential."

It was apparent she loved teaching, as evidenced by the fact she taught for four and a half decades. She knew when she retired it would be hard to say goodbye, but she also knew it was not the end of her lessons.

Elise was also a wife to her husband, Richard, and proud mother to their five children, Meredith, Matt, Jason, Justin, and Courtney. She and Richard celebrated the fact that all of their children graduated from Iowa State University, and as a family, they are all proud of that fact!

When their youngest daughter, Courtney, decided to become a teacher, it became the perfect time to retire, and put some energy into mentoring her daughter in her new role as an elementary teacher--and as an advocate for her students. We want to honor Elise Wright Mull on the Plaza of Heroines at Catt Center.

Richard Mull, and Meredith, Matt, Jason, Justin, and Courtney Mull

Honored on 6/29/95; profile updated on 9/19/2019