Elizabeth Snider Goodwin

Honored by:William Goodwin
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Elizabeth Snider Goodwin
(b. December 26, 1938)
Educational Advocate.

An elementary-level teacher and advocate of the learning disabled early in her career, Mrs. Goodwin, after raising her family, returned to the educational arena as an advocate and volunteer in Central Iowa.

Organizations which she has served since the late 1970s include several individual school PTA associations (as president as well as other offices); the Greater Des Moines PTA Council (as president as well as other offices); The Iowa State PTA Association (as vice president); the Board of Directors of the Heartland Area Educational Association (1985- ); and the Board of Directors of the Des Moines Independent School Dis- trict (1991- ). Additionally, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Business Women's Association of Des Moines and is actively associated with organizations promoting nature conservancy and prairie/wetlands restoration.

Mrs. Goodwin was an early advocate of the site-based management principle in local schools; and was also highly active in promoting the Vision 2005 project of the Des Moines Independent School District, during the course of which numerous open meetings and hearings were held to facilitate planning for extensive renovation of the school district's infrastructure during the period 1995-2005.

Mrs. Goodwin began her higher education in agriculture at ISU. She later transferred to Colorado College, where she obtained the B.A. Degree in Humanities with Teaching Certification in 1966. She subsequently did graduate work in education in the areas of learning disabilities and curricula.

Her accomplishments are all the more pointedly significant because Mrs. Goodwin has steadfastly refused to allow the crippling effects of infantile paralysis (poliomyelitis) which she suffered as a child, to restrict her activities.