Ellen M. Landon

Honored by:Keith Landon and Peggy Stoll
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As our fiftieth wedding anniversary draws closer I have paused to reflect on our many happy years. My wife "Ellie" as she is generally known to her friends and co-workers can be proud of her accomplishments.

In the early years of our marriage Ellie's parents became quite dependent on us. It was necessary to assist them financially and physically. It was not uncommon for her to be awakened in the night to go and assist them. She would bundle up our sleeping children and drive to their home to handle whatever crisis existed.

Since my work took me out of town more than half of the time the responsibility of raising our two daughters and managing the home fell upon her shoulders. During that time she was particularly fascinated by her role as a Camp Fire leader. In the 17 years she was thus involved she developed enthusiasm for programs that promoted research into special interests for her Camp Fire members and in camping.

As our girls became older Ellen chose to go back to the work arena. She resumed her journalism career as a reporter for the Ames Daily Tribune. In 1968 she was asked to accept the job of Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames. As a member of the City Manager's staff for 24 years she came to appreciate more and more the opportunities Ames has to offer including active participation in Iowa State University events.

She is now a willing volunteer and spends lots of time with the Octagon Center for the Arts, her church, Ames Community School District cable television, The Ames Foundation, and the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation.

I am happy to help provide recognition for her contributions to her home and her community.

-Keith L. Landon                                                    


No one is more honored than I to help sponsor an engraved brick in the Plaza of Heroines for ELLEN LANDON of Ames, Iowa.

Ellen epitomizes the heart of the City of Ames.

An Iowa child, Ellen Eberline grew up in Marshalltown, attended Marshalltown Junior College and then studied technical journalism at Iowa State University. She has utilized this wonderful talent to further the advantages of living in Ames through her work as a reporter at the Ames Daily Tribune and then in 1968 as Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames.

For twenty-four years Ellen gave her time talent energies and heart to extol the virtues of the city she loves. She has championed every cause and challenge presented to the government here and throughout the state and country.

She furthered Ames' television exposure through the development of City Cable Access channels from merely taping the City Council meetings preempting C-Span to twenty-four hour exposure on Channel 12.

Ellen began the first Employee Newsletter and wrote and edited numerous regular and special publications designed to inform the public about the City.

She has worked with many City Managers beginning with Jean Castner to Steve Schninker the present City Manager.

Since her retirement in June 1992 she has volunteered her time and talents continually to the Octagon Center for the Arts the public school system church Mary Greeley Archive committee and many other organizations.

A devoted fan of Ames government Ellie is also a great fan of Ames and Iowa State sports a loving and attentive mother of two fine young women Nancy and Julie and a grandmother of four beautiful children. To many others and me she is a loving and dear friend. Indeed she has made a difference in my life and many others.

Ellie, welcome to the "PLAZA OF HEROINES!"

-Peggy Stoll