Ellen Marie Johnson

Honored by:Elaine Anderson and Janelle Swenson
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Ellen Marie Stangeland was born June, 7 1928 to Ellen and Rasmus Stangeland, farmers of rural Jewell, Iowa. She was the youngest of five children and attended a one-room country school. She graduated from high school at sixteen years of age, and moved to Ames to find employment.

On May 25, 1947, she married Delbert J. Johnson of Story City, Iowa. They lived in Story City the first years of the marriage, and have lived in the same house on Wilson Avenue, Ames since 1954.

For the last forty-six years, mom has not had a job that rewarded her with a salary. Instead she has been the caretaker, the nurturer, the example for her children and grandchildren. She was the brownie troop leader, 4-H leader, neighborhood fund raiser, and volunteer for countless church activities. She carpooled, listened, nursed the ill, and always without complaint. Whenever anyone needed something, mom was there because she didn't "work". She continues to be the helpmate for her husband and the "rock" her family depends on for all our needs.

Our mom's value cannot be measured on a yardstick of academic degree, a "Who's Who of Motherhood", or financial gain charts. She is, however, the richest woman we know. She has given us, her two daughters, a role model of what unconditional love is. She has supported us always ... and when we've made mistakes, no judgments have been made, only open arms to offer comfort.

Because of her spiritual conviction, we have been blest by being raised in a Christian home. Her strength and character as a wife and mother, as well as a Christian, have never shone more brightly than the past nineteen months. In February of 1993, Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She does not have time for self-pity or depression because she is too busy enjoying every day that God continues to give her. She continues to witness to all those who know her, with love and dignity.

When we read of the project honoring special women in our lives we can think of no one more deserving that our mother, Ellen Marie Johnson. All that we are and ever hope to be we owe to her guidance, example, and love.

Submitted on 8/16/94