Elnor Vannote Detlefsen

Honored by:Avis M. Steensland
Brick location:D:20  map

I am honoring my cousin Elnor Vannote Detlefsen by including her name in the "Plaza of Heroines" at Iowa State University. Elnor was born at Baxter, Iowa in 1915; went to junior high high school and Iowa State in Ames Iowa and moved to Tucson Ariz. in 1945.

Before moving to Tucson she was married to Lt. Heinz W. Detlefsen who was a casualty in World War II. Elnor's high school teaching experiences included six years in Iowa and thirty-three years in Tucson District One as a biology teacher and guidance counselor. She graduated from Iowa State University in 1937 with a Bachelor of Science degree in History. In 1953 she received a Master of Arts degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Northern Colorado At Greeley. At the University of Arizona she completed graduate work for a certificate as a Professional Guidance Counselor. Honors were as follows: Lambda Sigma Tau received at the University of Northern Colorado and Pi Lambda Theta received at the University of Arizona. She was active in the following organizations--AAUW Arizona School Counselors Ass'n and other educational associations such as NEA AEA TEA and Arizona Retired Teachers.

Elnor has traveled extensively but still finds great delight in the ever-changing scenery of the desert and mountains surrounding Tucson. Elnor is a loving person and it is always a joy to be with her when she returns to her " roots" for a visit.