Ethel Fosmark

Honored by:Ann D. Mooney
Brick location:B:11  map

Mrs. Ethel Fosmark came to Iowa State University in January, 1941 to be housemother for the recently reinstated Rho Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta. She was an excellent manager, gracious hostess, and good example and friend to the girls who lived in the house. She was respected and admired by the other housemothers on campus. Over the years she served, the chapter chose to honor her at two different times in significant ways. On International Reunion Day 1943, she was presented with the Alpha Gamma Delta Mother's Pin showing the esteem in which she was held by the girls. Then on February 10, 1946, she was initiated into Alpha Gamma Delta as an alumna, making her a true sister to the girls who had been privileged to live in the house with her.

We shared a birthday, making me feel a special closeness to her.

Mrs. Fosmark embodied the character and gracious manners of a true lady. I am pleased to be able to recognize and honor her in this way.