Ethel Mae Hendrickson Fritz

Honored by:Krista Fritz Rogers and Linda Fritz Corkery
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Ethel Mae Hendrickson Fritz (Class of '49) is not one to romanticize her own past -- but she isn't writing this. We get that fun. In our eyes Iowa State is nearly an icon in the life of our mother. It represented -- and continues to represent -- a defining point in her life and ours.

The daughter of hard-working Nebraska farmers of German-Irish-Czech heritage, she was the only one of her family to dream of and attend college. Most likely she was the first in generations. And she was a woman. When we think of her in the context of Iowa State we think tough academics that measured a person's drive and smarts (a country school graduate faced with five quarters of Iowa State chemistry). Hard work -- and well-earned play (after all we first learned about the great "Campaniling" tradition from her). VEISHEA Central Committee. Kappa Delta Sorority. The Green Gander. ISU Radio Players. Theta Sigma Phi and Phi Upsilon Omicron.

A strong young woman in the traditionally man's territory of journalism and the Press Building (think fall of '45 with all those returning vets). When she was featured as "Woman of the Week" in the Daily the reporter wrote "There's lots of ambition in E. Mae Hendrickson...... Indeed. The reporter used words like "vigor" and "friendliness" noting "People with a sense of humor are among her favorite friends."

The reporter quotes her: "I have a good time whether I'm working or playing.... I enjoy talking with people who have a philosophy about what they want to do." (Especially her daughters we might add!) Iowa State even gave her a new name: When the (male) editor of the Daily informed her that "Ethel Mae Hendrickson" simply was too long for a byline she became "E.Mae." "EthelMae" and "E.Mae" represents a point on a time line: Before Iowa State/After Iowa State.

In time Iowa State became a gift for her daughters. Thank you, thank you.

Linda Fritz Corkery (Class of 1973) Krista Fritz Rogers (Class of 1979)