Eugenia Farrar

Honored by:The Zoology and Genetics Department
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Eugenia Smith Farrar Associate Professor of Zoology is a native of southern Illinois. After completing her high school education she went to the University of Illinois for her bachelor degree and the University of Michigan for both her Master and Ph.D. degrees. She has been a member of the Department of Zoology (now the Department of Zoology and Genetics) since 1973. Eugenia has taught an unusually wide variety of courses. When she first came to ISU her teaching was in the large and popular comparative anatomy course. She also was active in the science teacher training program which for many years was directed by Delma Harding. Eventually opportunities arose to teach courses more closely aligned with her research in endocrinology. Her general and comparative endocrinology course (Zool 454) regularly filled with pre-medical school undergraduates is a mainstay in the department's physiology course offerings. More recently Eugenia has broadened her teaching interests to include an annual course in Women in Science and Engineering a course which she developed. In addition she has taught an honors seminar course in bioethical issues in medicine and science. As new and controversial issues have developed that are relevant to both the social and biological sciences Eugenia has been one of the leaders in exploring how those challenges and opportunities can best be presented to her colleagues as well as to students. She has demonstrated consistently a willingness and an ability to go beyond the standard teaching expectation of the department and University by placing her dedication to innovative excellence in teaching above considerations of personal preferment. Eugenia has contributed to graduate education by teaching graduate level courses as well as mentoring graduate students both within and outside her department. Her research expertise in comparative endocrinology especially related to amphibian metamorphosis has led to her being considered a valuable resource person for colleagues at this and other research institutions. Beginning her academic career at a time when the number of women appointed to faculty positions in the biological sciences was small Eugenia has served as a model for over two decades to the increasing number of women (as well as men) students in these fields. Her rapport with students is well known and respected; her reputation as a thoughtful and caring advisor and mentor is exemplary. She has continued to hold up to the University community the ideal of combining creative research excellent teaching and dedicated university service. Eugenia has consistently supported her academic colleagues while at the same time developing and maintaining a large network of associates outside the ISU community. An illustration of the regard in which she is held was her recent election to the Board of Directors of the Iowa Academy of Science. 7/1/96

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Eugenia Farrar
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