Eugenie McNett Morrison

Honored by:Georgene Shank
Brick location:F:2  map

A remarkable woman. A professional educator. She taught children - 75 to a classroom in the early 1900's - and later she taught sick and dying children in their homes. She taught immigrants mostly Polish at night to prepare them for their citizenship examinations. From all of these people I found loving notes thanking her for her care and kindness. She prepared me, her only child, born to her when she was 42, to be an individual. It was assumed without question that I would attend college and become a teacher. There was never any talk of weddings or marriages. One received an education and then one went to work.

She read Shakespeare to me in my cradle because she liked Shakespeare and I wouldn't differentiate between that and nursery rhymes. We went to Ladies Day at the ballpark and saw Lou Boudreau at short. We went to the opera, to concerts, to plays, to lunch at the Statler. She taught me to enjoy not only good food, but to appreciate elegance in my surroundings.

Her wit was quick and caustic. Her view of world affairs was skeptical. She was a wonderful woman.

Submitted on 10/25/94