Eva Donelson Wilson

Honored by:Barbara Everson
Brick location:F:21  map

It was my privilege to have Dr. Eva Donelson as a teacher of freshman Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. She was a definite positive influence on me and I went on to earn a B.S. in Home Economics Education in 1939. After teaching in Minnesota, she taught at Ohio State University. She married Harold Wilson in 1947 and following his death in 1958 she returned to Ohio State Department of Food and Nutrition. In 1965, Ohio State received a U.S. State Department grant to set up a Home Economics program at the college of Agriculture in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eva found this post to be very satisfying. After eleven years there she returned to live in Ames Iowa. In 1977 Eva adopted a son, Roberto de Silva, who joined her in Ames. He earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.A. in Business Administration. We became reacquainted in Ames, Iowa, and were both involved in volunteer work with international students at Iowa State University. Eva has been supportive of several scholarships. She is a "sparkling" person with a great caring spirit --- She is a REAL brick!!