Eva Maxwell Scheerer

Honored by:Ruth Oppold
Brick location:PAVER:45  map

This lady was born at the turn of the century and was a life-long state resident and land owner. She raised a family, contributed her abilities to the community, church, extended family and friends. She and her husband established scholarship funds to encourage young people interested in agriculture. A woman ahead of her time.

Eva Belle Maxwell was born on January 13, 1900, in Rock Rapids, Iowa. After attending Morningside College and teaching Burnside rural school, she married Harvey Scheerer in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

She has been an active Webster County resident with special interests in 4-H, the Republican Party, Women’s Club, Meals on Wheels, drama, and her poetry.

"--the long of doing was there in my heart and everyday life was so dear and so sweet but only one lifetime is far, far too fleet."


Submitted on 3/22/94

Paver Inscription:

"Eva Maxwell Scheerer
Born January 13, 1900
A Wonderful Lady with a pioneer spirit
who lived with Grace"