Fern Marriott Smith

Honored by:Clifford E. Smith
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September 8, 1987 - August 21, 1992

Fern Marriott Smith will be remembered as a Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Musician, Voice Teacher, House Mother, PEO Sister, and Friend, among others. She seemed always to be happy and positive, and enjoyed sharing her life with others. We honor her at this time, recalling her life and her contributions to those who knew her and loved her.

Fern was the youngest of seven (7) children born to Elizabeth Belle Dilday Marriott, an ordained minister, and Charles Jarvis Marriott. She attended High School in Alexandria, Minnesota where she met her future husband Clifford Z. Smith. Fern later graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a degree in English and French.

Fern was blessed with a beautiful soprano voice, and studied voice after graduation from Hamline University. She then contributed to others throughout her life by giving voice lessons directing church and community choirs and serving as a soloist. For many years she was a member of the Collegiate Methodist Church and Choir here in Ames.

After the death of her husband Fern came to Ames in 1949 as Housemother for the Sigma Chi Fraternity. As Housemother, she considered the boys part of her family and provided them instruction in table manners and proper etiquette. She served with the Sigma Chi Fraternity for nine (9) years, and then moved to the Delta Delta Delta Sorority as their Housemother. We believe she was a positive influence on many students during her active years as a Housemother.

Fern always provided support to her family. She was a loving and supporting Mother to her only son, and a most wonderful Grandmother. She always gave her three grandchildren the love and moral support they needed, and took great pride in each grandchild. In later years, she found great pride and joy in her seven (7) great-grandchildren. As in the past, she shared with each one the joys of life and encouraged each child to develop high values and high ideals.

Fern will always be remembered as one who found life a joy, and who shared her happy personality with others. She was a wonderful woman, and deserving, we believe, to be remembered for her many contributions to life and others. Fern was a woman worthy of being honored in the PLAZA OF HEROINES at Iowa State University.

Submitted on 11/29/94