Florabelle Rahe

Honored by:Mary Matisheck & Family
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Our mother, Florabelle Rahe, has given all eleven of us her prayers, support, and whatever monetary contributions she could gather together during our years at Iowa State and a multitude of other colleges. She always supported our educational goals in spite of the fact that she herself has only an eighth grade education.

Through our many Bachelor’s, Master's, and Doctoral degrees we have all called mom and said, "Flo, pray for me because I have a major test tomorrow." When we graduated from college we called and said, “Flo, pray for me because I have an interview tomorrow". She filled the role of counselor, advisor, placement officer, and financial aid officer with her many prayers.

We chose to honor our mother with a granite paver so that she would realize that we do appreciate all that she has done and still does for us. We also believe that this tribute will serve as an inspiration to our children, her grandchildren, as they attend and graduate from Iowa State University and a multitude of other colleges.

As a family we have been blessed with good health, good minds, and parents who instilled a work ethic in their children. We thank them.

Mary Kay Rahe Matisheck #
Marsha Rahe Hauser #
Lois Rahe Noel
Carmen Rahe Epstein #
Doris Rahe Brown
Keith G. Rahe *
Janet Rahe Hennekens
Coleen Rahe Mormann *
John E. Rahe
Michelle Rahe #
Dr. Dewayne Rahe #

# denotes graduation from Iowa State University
* denotes attended Iowa State University

Submitted on 5/25/95

Paver Inscription:

"Florabelle Rahe
Thanks For
Your Support
And Prayers
Your 11 Children"