Frances Huyser

Honored by:Vicki Brown
Brick location:C:22  map

My grandmother Frances Huyser is a person who has made the strongest impression of goodness in my life. She has the sweetness of a rose but never shows her thorns. She never speaks bad of anyone or anything. Her home is full of wamth and love. I can always go there and feel the Christian love that she radiates.

I feel 'Gram' is a saint to all people. I look up to her as a heroine for the special goodness and pleasantness she gives my life. I wish my daughter could live closer as to gain the patience and love as I did growing up. I am trying to duplicate the morals strengths and wisdom she taught me. My life has been full of wonderful experiences with my family and 'Gram' as the center. As my heroine Frances Huyser is a wonderful person and the role model for me to raise my daughter.