Frankie Haller

Honored by:The Women's Leadership Network
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The Women's Leadership Network is proud to acknowledge the accomplishments of Frankie Haller a pioneer of women's equality champion of civil rights and visionary of infinite scope. Frankie Haller is a longtime advocate of peace and civil and human rights. She participated in the movement for civil rights and the protests against the Vietnam War. She is a retiree from local 399 of the Service Employees International Union and was a steward when she worked at Kaiser Permanente. She organized the Midway Democratic Club in 1961 and was recently elected as vice president. She became active in the women's movement in the 80's and organized the mid cities chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus in 1990 and the Women's Leadership Network in 1994. Convinced that the gender balance commitment of the Democratic Party is a model for our society as a whole it must be enabled by public financing of campaigns to increase citizenship responsibility and participation and end the present entrapment of our political and economic system by big money interests so obvious in the present republican backlash. Gender balance and public financing of campaigns are her mantra.