Freda Riecken

Honored by:Craig Riecken
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My mother, Freda Roberta (Heeney) Riecken, established two scholarships, one in Agronomy in my father's name (Frank Riecken passed away in 1983 and is burieed in the ISU cemetery) and one in Family and Consumer Sciences in both their names. Both my parents believed in promoting education and wanted to make a contribution.

Mary Riecken, 13, and Carly Riecken, 9, are two of our four children and are Freda and Frank's grandchildren.

Peggy Willson is their mother and my wife.

Carolyn Willson is Peggy's mother and Mary and Carly's other grandmother. Carolyn passed away in 1988.

Both Peggy and I continue to grieve over losing these two fine women in our family. Starting with the loss of my father in 1983 and ending with the loss of my mother in 1991, our little family lost three very special human beings in 8 short years. Participating in this dedication will afford us the opportunity to help bring some closure to these events in our lives.


Paver Inscription:

"Freda Riecken
Mary Riecken
Carly Riecken
Peggy Willson
Carolyn Willson"