Gail A. Brink

Honored by:Her sons, Scott, Neal, and Eric
Brick location:H:26  map


We couldn't have asked for a better Mom. She devoted over twenty years to raising us. Over that long period of time she never placed anything or anybody above us. She came to every concert, basketball game, soccer game, T-ball game, swimming meet, musical play, piano recital, performance, or banquet we ever had, even if she had to travel several hundred miles to see us. Whatever we were doing she was always there to offer her support.

She took care of us when we were young, innocent, and inexperienced and prepared us to live our lives freely. She made sure we stayed out of trouble (as best she could), and she did her best to help us develop into intelligent, well-rounded adults. She instilled in us the desire to achieve our goals and she did whatever she could to help us in our efforts. She let us make our own choices, often allowing us to make mistakes so that we might learn from our errors. Whether she agreed with our decisions, she always trusted and accepted our opinions. Now that we're older, we've realized that there are some issues that can only be discussed with Mom. It seems as though only Mom possesses the wisdom to solve some of our most difficult problems or to answer some of the tough, soul-searching questions.

We probably don't say thanks to Mom nearly enough. Perhaps we took her for granted over the years. Today we know how much she's done for us. We've grown up and we're moving on with our lives, but Mom is still our Mom. She'll always be there for us, watching over us with proud loving eyes. Thanks, Mom, for all you've done and for all you continue to do.