Geraldine Atkins Brich

Honored by:Fred J. Brich
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In 1954, at the age of forty-six, she was widowed and left with seven children; two toddlers, three in school, one just out of high school, and the oldest at twenty with the army in South Korea. For the next twenty years she worked to raise and support her family until the last child was through college. She worked tirelessly as a registered nurse to provide her children with the essentials. There were very few extras, but those came at her own personal sacrifice.

Her love and selflessness were so great that it was not until 1974 that I realized I had grown up in a "financially" poor family. She never let any adversity come between her and raising her children. Over the years her children have given her nineteen grandchildren, with the greatest achievement being each one firmly believes they are her single favorite. Presently, there are five children in the third generation and I am sure they will come to feel the same as their parents. She is admired and respected by all who know her. I know that she would be embarrassed to think that anyone was making a fuss about her.

Fred J. Brich