Gerry Ferrell Dockstader

Honored by:Beldon Dockstader
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RETIRED RESEARCH & PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTANT - Consumer and market research Survey Specialist-USDA and WSU Hedonic odor analyst Product development and promotion Thesis Rewrite Associate-WSU EDUCATION - UCLA 1936-37 ISU 1937-40 B.S. College of Family and Consumer Sciences HONOR SOCIETIES - Omicron Nu Psi Chi SORORITY - Alpha Delta Pi

FAMILY - Husband W. Beldon ("Doc") Dockstader Ph.D. Microbiology/Biochemistry-WSU M.S.-U of Minn. B.S.-ISU. Married; children Carolyn Stewart-Prinzing Ph.D. Ed.S. R.Ed. O.T. B.S., Steven Walter Dockstader M.B.A. B.S. Sue Dockstader Higgins Super grandchildren - all honor students Chad and Dirk Stewart Byron and Heather Dockstader The course of study at the Iowa State University College of Family and Consumer Sciences had a special strength due in part to its coverage of diverse subject matter. It provided me with a sound basis for meeting the vastly expanded role of the Home Economist.

Besides my excellent academic program thanks to the outstanding faculty and administrators I am grateful for the effective emphasis on leadership training and the acumen acquired particularly in the following areas: ... Organizational adeptness ... Social interaction perception ... Research methodology ... Motivational ability ... Public speaking and presentation ... Cross-cultural discernment I enjoyed a thirty year successful and satisfying free-lance professional career which included both research and work involving international relations and the status of women. Concurrently with this background of experience I quickly became an action-oriented volunteer with an enhanced interest in introducing and coordinating many charitable educational cultural and civic fund-raising projects and events. The many many thousands of dollars raised have helped to make a difference and brought some hope to "those in need". This type of endeavor continues to give my life added meaning. I have received numerous awards and honors from the local community to the international level. Included are citations from the US Department of State The Organization of American States (OAS) The United Nations/USA-DC Women's Equity Council/UN Association-GA The Inter-American Commission of Women and several foreign embassies.

My husband and I are world travelers having visited some eighty countries on professional educational and cultural exchange tours and as "Ambassadors of Good Will" promoting people-to-people friendship and understanding which is so vital to seeking a lasting peace.

We are active in our church and have served on the executive boards of countless community organizations. We regularly attend concerts and theatrical presentations at nearby Centers for the Performing Arts. We are avid bridge players enjoy ball-room dancing and the quiet of reading books journals etc. Our lives continue to be rich and full.