Gertrude Gronbech

Honored by:Roy Hougen
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Gertrude Alsager Gronbech Born: December 9 1908 to Herman and Christina Gronbech Jewell Iowa. Died: December 18 1986 Washington D.C. Raised: Jewell Iowa on a small diversified farm. Education: Jewell elementary school Jewell and Ames Iowa high schools Iowa State College - B.S. Economics (1937) B.S. Home Economics Education (1941). Employment/Occupation: Home Economics teacher in Iowa High Schools (three years) Economist with USDA in Washington D.C. in various capacities (primary career) Home Demonstration Agent University of Maryland (three years). Family: Three sisters. Never married. Gertrude Gronbech was a heroine to many - her extended family (parents sisters nieces and nephews and other in-laws; she never married and so never had a family of her own.) her college friends her co-workers and her own personal friends that she made over the years.

She kept in touch with people throughout the country and abroad through letters phone calls and visits. She was always interested in what people were doing how they were getting along and their interests and opinions. She was a "people person" supporting and helping whenever she could. Gertrude herself lived simply living many of the last years of her life in an efficiency apartment in Washington D.C. But while her personal needs were simply met she enjoyed her travels and her work. She attended work related conferences and visited friends and relatives throughout the world. And she kept in contact with many (hundreds?) of people throughout her life. Her "family" was a large one! Gertrude had a special interest in Denmark. Her father was a Danish immigrant and she herself worked in Copenhagen Denmark at the Agricultural Council for about 18 months in 1947-48. Her Danish heritage and visits influenced her taste in such things as household furnishings and she was a financial supporter of the (then being planned) Danish Immigrant Museum in Elk Horn, Iowa.

She also made visits and kept in contact with her mother's relatives in the Odda Norway area on the South Hardanger Fjord. Gertrude was always aware of and alert to events that went on around her and she enjoyed sharing her interests with others. She had a habit of clipping newspaper articles to send to friends and family on topics about which she thought they would be interested.

She took a lot of pictures of places and people that interested her. She contributed financially to a number of "good causes" showing her support for nature the arts and social concerns. Interested helpful supportive and active are all describers which characterize Gertrude's life. She was a heroine to the many individuals whom she helped throughout her lifetime.