Ginger Cade

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Ginger Cade graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education; Foreign Language area of specialization in 1997. After graduation Ginger became a hall director for the Department of Residence in Storms Hall. She received her Master’s degree in Leadership and Policy Studies in 1999. Ginger worked as Assistant Director of Residence Life at St. Mary’s College in Minnesota and then as an institutional researcher.

She came back to ISU in 2004 as a classification officer for the College of LAS. Coming back to ISU was like coming home for Ginger. It was where she started both her academic and professional careers. She has continued to show her dedication to colleagues and peers by being an innovator – creating programs and conferences and inspiring forward-thinking on a variety of topics.

Ginger Cade has touched many students’ lives over the years. As a supervisor she has helped students develop confidence and leadership skills. In a variety of workshops and programs, Ginger has shared resources and ideas and helped inspire a sense of both passion and compassion on issues related to education, activism, and social change. She never hesitates to speak on behalf of others. Whether it is about oppression or the unjust treatment of others in the world, Ginger Cade has been a voice to be listened to, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to help. Because of her continued support and inspirational vision, we believe she is a deserving recipient of the Plaza of Heroines.

Ginger is a writer and loves writing and presenting her poems. Below is a poem she read at a rally at Iowa State. This captures the spirit of the woman we seek to honor.

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

I was not there but I thank those who bravely fought so that
All people can be counted as whole.
And I was not there but I thank those who bravely fought for
My right to vote.
And I was not there but I thank those who bravely fought for
Equality so that each of us can experience the rainbow of the human race.
Now I am here and it is my turn
To fight for my civil rights
To exercise my right to vote
And to expect equality
Because I dare not call this “Land of the Free” “Home”
Unless I am “one of the brave!”
~Ginger 2004

The following people would like to thank Ginger for her continued support and dedication to Iowa State University over the years: Bruce Allen, Ginny Arthur, Amanda Cade, Mimi Benjamin, Michelle Boettcher, Ben Chamberlain, Sally Deters, Luiza Dreasher, Lauri Dusselier, Kurt Earnest, Pete Englin, Nancy Evans, Kim Everett, John Faughn, Mickey Fitch, Chris Fowler, Sandy Gahn, Jeana Gingery, Cindy Hadaway, Suzanne Harle, Sarah Holmes, Melinda Howard, Emily Hurm, Jane Jacobsen, Nancy Johnsen, Janet Krengel, Susan Lammers, JoAnn McKinney, Kris Olds, Jennifer Owens, Christina Patton, Heather Phillips, Nicci Port, Dan Rice, Penny Rice, Nancy Rosenquist, Lynn Sandeman, Bethany Schuttinga, Kathleen Timmons, Betty Toot, Tammy Wicks, and Zora Zimerman

Submitted on 7/17/06