Grace K. Henke

Honored by:Clayton D. and Martha R. Clifford
Brick location:A:15  map

Grace Henke was and is a very modest lady who worked in a very ordinary position as a secretary. Her motto was no matter how little always save some of your earnings on a regular basis. This systematic saving coupled with wise investments enabled her to amass sizeable means. She has shared her good fortune with institutions and individuals. Grace has also shared her personal life helping people by taking them to doctors appointments visiting them in hospitals and just encouraging them in times of need. She has established scholarships for education and she has contributed to civic projects in her hometown of Keokuk, Iowa.

Many of these contributions have been made anonymously or very quietly such that very few people are even aware of her generosity. At the age of 88, Grace is still doing all these nice things to make the world a better place to live.