Gwen Lear

Honored by:Ronald D. Lear
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...And Then There Is Mom

A tribute to Gwen Lear one of the most outstanding women in the world. Gwen is a person who quietly and endlessly gives wholly and totally of herself to those around her. This tribute is from those who are closest to her those who love her her family.

"Women and men alike strive To accomplish something To achieve more with their lives Those who challenge us to become better Are often credited with having the best minds

People go to college to seek For those things which many never grasp To learn to gain Knowledge wisdom Understanding insight Illumination enlightenment Always there to reach for

It is accomplished through effort Dedication discipline creativity It is achieved through perseverance Patience confidence friendship reflection Always there to nurture to cherish

These qualities often allude the wisest pastors the best teachers the greatest scholars the most gifted people

And then there is you Mom

All these traits are yours naturally We who know Your achievements Your accomplishments and That you're sometimes embarrassed that you didn't go to college But you did.. through the support you gave Dad enabling him to graduate But you did.. through us your sons

I know I wouldn't have had fun in school I wouldn’t have graduated I wouldn’t have learned I wouldn’t be where I am but for you

Your selflessness Your sacrifice Has helped make me what I am I am because of you The people who know you are better for knowing We've done what we have because of You We are better people because of you

It is you who have Challenged us to become better it is you who are Always there to nurture to cherish It is you who are Always there to reach for

And it is us The most blessed of people Because we have been given Your hope your belief Your love Yourself

You are the greatest friend Greatest sister and mother You have achieved what Most only dream...