Hazel Leona Beardshear

Honored by:Rachel C. Stewart
Brick location:D:12  map

My Mother, Hazel Leona Beardshear, went from eighth grade to college. She graduated from ISU in 1896. In 1901 she married Lauren M. Chambers, a Civil Engineer from ISU, in Chicago. They came immediately to Denver, Colorado, and lived with former ISU college friends until they moved to Rantt County, Colorado in 1904 with their daughter Josephine. They had two more children, John in 1905 and Rachel in 1907.

Mother played the piano and organ. She and Dad had good voices and founded the Methodist Church at Oak Creek Colorado. Mother played for Sunday School Church and all of the weddings and funerals as long as we lived there. In 1921 my folks bought a ranch six miles from Hayden, Colorado. This town had a credited high school and since my parents were college people, they thought it necessary to see that their children attend a credited high school.

In this vicinity Mother played for Church and many school functions. They were a wonderful host and hostess. Dad passed away in 1931 with cancer, and Mother in 1936 with leakage of the heart. They left a void in so many lives.