Helen Burton

Honored by:Iowa Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi
Brick location:B:9  map

This brick is dedicated to a very special woman in the Pi Beta Phi Chapter of Iowa Gamma, Helen "Mom" Burton. The women of Pi Phi will always have fond memories of their times at Iowa Gamma Pi Phi because of Mom’s special touch. She is noted for festive seasonal decorations, special treats, flowers, and many other thoughtful touches that makes the Pi Beta Phi house truly a home.

Mom Burton is remembered by all Pi Phi by the Easter Bunnies that she makes every year. Her Easter Bunny raffle is a legend in the Pi Beta Phi Chapter. Every spring Mom makes bunnies, each unique in their own way, and raffles them off to women in the chapter. In addition to her Pi Phi daughters, Mom Burton has four children of her own, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Born in 1914, she and her brother lived with their parents on a farm. She lived in Iowa, California, and Germany before coming to Iowa State University. Mom worked as a cook for the Chi Omega house for three years before becoming "Mom" at the Pi Phi house. She has lived with us for the past ten years, enjoying cooking, sewing, reading, plants, and being around her many Pi Phi daughters.

As our years pass at Iowa State and our future paths lead us elsewhere, the Iowa Gamma Pi Phi's will always remember "Mom" Burton as our Mom away from home'. Thank you, Mom Burton, for all you've done. We love you.