Helen Christina Pedersen Larsen

Honored by:Brian K. Paulson
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The granite paver placed here honors four women in our family: Janiece Larsen Paulson, Helen Pedersen Larsen, Doris Wearmouth Paulson, and Laura Larsen Pedersen Madsen. Their achievements are not in amassing great wealth or becoming famously known nor for being saints or martyrs. Rather they are simply recognized for the love strength and devotion they've given to their families and community. Their examples continue to be an inspiration for us all. Submitted by Brian K. Paulson

Ms. Helen Christina Pedersen Larsen (December 19 1906- ) is my grandmother and a special one at that.

Helen was born near Gilmore City, Iowa, and was raised in the Bradgate-Ottosen area on a farm with her brothers and sisters. Grandma Helen was part of a close-knit family where the children enjoyed speaking Danish, their parents' native language, in addition to English.

In 1927 Helen wed Magnus Larsen, another Danish American, and the two raised three children: Eugene (Bud), Darlene, and Janiece.

Until her retired years, Helen lived all her life on the farm, where she was active in family and church affairs. No job seemed too big for her, whether it was milking cows or feeding an army of hired hands.

Helen may be best described as a hard worker and a doer with a heart of gold. Her great concern for others is one reason she's loved by so many friends and family.

Submitted on 12/25/94

Paver Inscription:

Janiece Larsen Paulson
Helen Pederson Larsen
Doris Wearmouth Paulson
Laura Larsen Pederson Madsen