Helen Ford Nolan

Honored by:Anita Nolan Keifer
Brick location:F:16  map

Helen Ford Nolan was born November 20, 1893, near Emmetsburg, Iowa. She spent most of her years in or around Emmetsburg. She taught school in Ayrshire, Iowa before marrying John F. Nolan on October 29, 1919. They raised four daughters—Anita, Margery, Ruth and Jean—and three sons—John, Patrick and Robert. She died in January, 1955.

Helen was a firm believer in education for her family. She taught her children to stand up and to speak in public. She entertained her family with "readings" recited by heart both humorous and dramatic stories. Her children became active as city councilmen, teachers and nurses. She encouraged her children to take part in politics and music and to demonstrate leadership and sportsmanship in all their activities. She took time not only to tell her children what she expected from them but was also a model to them, showing them the strength, wisdom and love that she hoped they would carry from their home into the rest of their lives.