Helen J. Bozivich

Honored by:The Statistics Department
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Helen J. Bozivich b. 1916

Helen Bozivich was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and received her early degrees at the University of Minnesota. She taught mathematics and biostatistics for 13 years at the high school and college level before coming here for advanced study. She was the first woman to receive the degree of Ph.D. in statistics at Iowa State in 1955, having already been granted the George W. Snedecor Award in Statistics as the outstanding Ph.D. candidate for 1954. She became an assistant professor in the Statistical Laboratory Department of Mathematics at Purdue, and later held other positions in higher education including at the University of Minnesota and as professor in the Department of Finance at Northern Illinois University.


Paver Inscription:

"Statistics Dept & Lab
Lenore Bancroft
Helen J. Bozivich
Donna Ruhl Brogan
Mary A. Clem
Gertrude Mary Cox
Vera David
Kathleen D. Shelley
Shashikala Sukhatme"