Helen P. Lieb

Honored by:Karen and Donald Averitt
Brick location:B:1  map

Helen Pauline Lieb, my mother, is and was my motivation. She is a loving and dedicated person who would do anything to help her children become successful. Helen did not have the opportunity to attend a university and she and my father, Duane, both wanted their children to have that opportunity. They put every penny away that they could to save for their children's education. When it was time for me to atttend college Helen strongly suggested that I attend Iowa State University. She said that ISU was where she had wanted to go if given the chance. She also suggested that I enter the field of education. At the time I wasn't sure that I wanted to become a teacher. As many people in high school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for my future career. Helen pointed out that effective teaching was an honor and a special gift. She felt I had the ability to be an effective teacher.

I have now been teaching 13 years and truly enjoy it. If it had not been for my mother I may have missed out on such a fulfilling life. Helen Lieb is truly an inspiration and I am pleased to honor her with the dedication of this building.