Herma Albertson Baggley

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HERMA A. BAGGLEY 1896 - 1981

This brick is to honor my mother, Herma Albertson Baggley. She was born in Inwood, Iowa and moved with her family to Idaho at a young age. She attended the University of Idaho and obtained a masters degree in Botany. She became the first woman Ranger Naturalist in the National Park Service in Yellowstone National Park in 1928. She authored "Plants of Yellowstone" in 1936, revised in 1956. My mother was a pioneer in her field and was fearless when it came to breaking ground where women had not ventured before. Both she and my father, George F. Baggley, dedicated their lives to conservation and nature. 8/9/1999

Ruth Ann (Baggley) Bennett, ISU Institution Management 1959