Holly Heins Heer

Honored by:Jacki Heer Kirkland, Rex Heer, John Mark Heer, Michele Stub-Heer, and Kirk Heer
Brick location:E:13  map

Holly is a strong, caring person who generously gives whatever possible to help family and friends. She attended ISU but never completed the formal education that she had planned so that she could devote herself to nurturing a family that now includes five children and six grandchildren. However, she still aggressively continues her informal education. She taught her children to pursue their dreams and to live life to the fullest.

Throughout her adult life, especially the years she was employed at Iowa State, Holly was (and still is) friend, mother-figure and role model to many students and scholars of diverse backgrounds and cultures. She is a strongly positive influence on all of the many people whose lives she has touched.