Ida Maassen Davis

Honored by:Barb and Les Licklider
Brick location:B:11  map

My Grandma Davis I didn't get to know you as well as I wanted to. You died when I still didn't know much about life. I know it was the first time I saw my Dad cry. I do remember your oatmeal raisin cookies and the gifts you lovingly made us at Christmas time. And the beautiful roses you tended in your back yard. You lived in town and I in the country so it was always a special treat to walk to your house from school when I needed to stay in town. Sometimes when I drive through Walnut on my way home to the farm I drive by your house to try to hang on to the few memories I have of you.

I'm sure if I had gotten to know you better I would have found an outstanding woman. After all you are the mother of my father, and my Dad is special. Such a special Dad could only have been the son of a special woman. Therefore I honor you my grandmother with a spot among other great women remembered in the Carrie Chapman Catt memorial.