Ima Vestal Roberts

Honored by:Sherron & Robin Roberts
Brick location:B:3  map

BORN: April 28, 1927

DAUGHTER OF: Thomas Vestal and Eula Gathright

SPOUSE OF: Willie Wendell Roberts

Judy Ann Roberts Baltz
Jerry Lynn Roberts
Robin Wendell Roberts
Jeffrey Thomas Roberts (and everyone else who visited our home)

Hilary Jean Baltz
Anna Elise Roberts
Caroline Mara Roberts
Corey David Roberts
Rebecca Joy Roberts

In November 1993, Mom had heart surgery. Upon first waking from the surgery, connected to what seemed like an endless number of tubes and machines, she reaches for Dad's hand, signals for a pad and pen, and slowly scribbles one word--love. She doesn't remember that moment. If you knew Mom, you would know that it sounds just like something she would do. Always giving love and care, always making sure everyone else knows they are loved.

In honor of Ima Roberts, our family has donated a brick to the Carrie Catt Chapman Plaza of Heroines. Mom, you are truly a hero in our eyes. We are thankful to you for our lives, our values, and our happiness. Mostly, we honor you and thank you for your giving nature, enduring spirit, and courageous love of life.

With all our love,
Robin, Sherron, Anna, and Caroline

Submitted on 5/94