Ione Jobe Damewood Lincoln

Honored by:Mary Miller
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Ione, the oldest of four children, was born to Caleb and Carrie Conlin Jobe in 1897 on a farm near Barnard, Missouri. As a young child, her family moved to Siam, Iowa. She attended rural school and was active in the church there. She never got to attend high school. She really regretted not having the privilege of accomplishing this. She was very adamant about continuing to learn and kept abreast of current events and the political trends all of her 87 years. As a young woman, she returned to Guilford, Missouri, to live with Grandma Conlin and she worked in a general merchandise store traveling back and forth to Iowa on the train. She was always proud of the fact that she voted in the first election that gave women the right to vote even though this was very much against her grandmother's wishes. In fact, Ione slipped out of the house at seven in the morning to go vote. She married Dean Damewood in 1922. Two daughters were born to this union. Mary Lou Miller, Lenox, Iowa - elementary teacher and Wilma Anderson, Bedford, Iowa - retired city clerk. Dean died in 1957. In 1963 she married Elmer Lincoln. Elmer died in 1978.

Even during the depression Ione was determined that her daughters would have the opportunity for the education she did not receive. She also instilled in her eight grandchildren the desire to learn. She never missed voting in an election and urged others to vote. She studied issues would take a stand and work for what she believed to be right. She always took a daily paper and kept up on current events. She was a registered Democrat and was PROUD of it.

Mother was a dedicated Christian. She served her Master faithfully. Mother never had many extra pennies but she always believed the Lord would provide. Ione believed women had a responsibility not only to their home but to their community and to their country.