Irene Warner Swanson

Honored by:Kay Craig, Beth Duede & Lynn Seydel
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Born August 29, 1913, Northwood, Iowa

Daughter of Fred D. and Beth C. Warner
Wife of Edgar P. Swanson
Financial Aids, ISU
Mother of Lynn Seydel, Kay Craig, Beth Duede
Grandmother of David and Roxanne Seydel, Suzy and Kathy Craig, Melissa and Laura Duede

In your honor Mom with all our love!
You've been a thoughtful, wonderful mother! Your enthusiasm, love of life, and creativity continue to inspire us. You've challenged us, encouraged us, supported us, consoled us--always our staunchest supporter. What a wonderful family life you and Dad provided for us! You're still going strong at 82! We're so proud of you. Thanks for all you've done for us. We love you!

Irene Warner was born in Northwood, Iowa to Fred and Beth (Martin) Warner. A graduate of Northwood High School, she received a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa in 1934. She was a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Pi Omega Pi. She took graduate work at the University of Iowa. She was a high school commercial teacher in Ireton, Holstein, and Spencer, Iowa where she met her husband, Edgar P. Swanson. They were married June 7, 1940. During the war she was office manager in charge of secretarial help at Iowa State University.

Mom was an award-winning area representative for World Book/Childcraft in Ames and Equitable of Iowa Insurance in Spencer.

She has been an active member of Collegiate United Methodist Church and Faculty Women's Club for almost fifty years. She was our Camp Fire Leader for many years and served on the Camp Fire Board. She is a member of the Cyclone Club, the Lincoln Highway Association, Ames High Booster Clubs, and the Iowa State Alumni Association. Today she is called the Lustron Lady, one of a few original owners of Lustron houses to have lived in a steel house for 42 years.

Mom you're Love with a capital L.
You're such a super Mom--always have been! We don't ever remember you getting mad at us or more important--ever showing you were disappointed in us. You were always so proud of our accomplishments--and there with encouragement when things didn't go so well. You're full of encouragement and praise, kindness and patience with a smile. Growing up we could always count on you to be interested in what we were doing, or making or studying. You and Dad always made us feel important. I don't know how you did it, but each of us felt we like were your favorite daughter!

Mom, you're a perfect example of the idea that the more love you give away the more love you have. To this day you're always doing thoughtful things for us and for others. You've made the community your family, reaching out and caring for others when they need you. Haven't we had a wonderful life together! What fun times we've shared! What memories you've helped us make! We've always known we were so lucky to have such a super Mom such super parents! Thank you!

You're Parties with a capital P!
What fun the family and friends' get-togethers at the Union have been through the years! And we remember those doughnut hole brunches you served all the years we were growing up--only dip once! And the fun get-togethers with Ramseys, Cooks, Landsbergs, and Martins--Playing Skittles with the kids while the grownups played bridge. The Teachers' party every year with teachers' dessert. There are so many special, special parties to remember that showcase your creativity and love. The "cousin" reunions when we can manage to get everyone together are so fun-filled and such a wonderful opportunity for your grandchildren to really get to know and love each other--and for all of us to make more memories!

You're Holidays with a capital H!
You've made ever holiday such a special event. No one has more holiday decorations than we do! And you have such a flair--can put things together just right! Only years later do we realize how much time and energy and love go into all the extra-special things you do for us!

You're Creativity with a capital C!
Give you a magic marker, rubber cement or a glue gun, newspapers to clip and you create clever cards or signs or banners to hang with a magnet! So clever! So thoughtful! And the wonderful parties through the years!

You're Marvelous with a capital M!
We've grown to love ISU as much as you and Dad! Just how many campus activities have we attended? Losing and even winning sometimes with the various Cyclone teams have always been a fun part of our lives. And now Suzy is a Cyclone marching in the varsity ISU marching band!

What special, special memories we all have of the special, special times you've planned for us. Our pictures will always be so precious! Our little part of the world is better because of you! Your spirit and flair, your enthusiasm your involvement, your love has been an inspiration to Lynn, Beth and me—and now to Suzy and Kathy.

You’re the best mom in the world—We’re so glad you’re ours! We love you so!

Oh, almost forgot—a proud moment for Mom – shaking hands with President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Oval Office, March, 1958. Ames Chamber of Commerce voted to send her with Jean, now National Teacher of the Year, because of Mom’s successful nomination process.

Submitted on 6/2/94

Paver Inscription:

Irene Warner Swanson 1913-2006
Kay Swanson Craig 1947
Suzanne Kathryn Craig 1976
Kathryn Lynn Craig 1979
Lynn Swanson Seydel 1944
Roxanne Elizabeth Seydel 1979
Beth Swanson Duede 1948
Melissa Marie Duede 1976
Laura Renee Duede 1984
Beth Carolyn Warner 1888-1960
Eunice Decker Warner 1856-1942
Estella Irene Martin 1853-1940